Summerplace Natural Resources Ltd(SUNRE) is a 100% Zimbabwean privately owned consulting company which offers various environmental, agricultural and GIS services. The company was established and registered under Registrar of Companies in 2014 and has undertaken various Agricultural, soil mapping, EIA and other natural resources related projects which include services for mining, construction, housing, both nationally and regionally.

The company was started by professionals with vast experience in agriculture, water, environment and mining. They have been working in various sectors of the economy including the government, NGO, private sector and various organisations and have taken various consultancy work in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. Unique skills, experiences and professional backgrounds from these professionals were synthesised, condensed and integrated to give a solid birth to a solid entity called Summerplace Natural Resources (Pvt) Ltd. Key personnel of SUNRE boasts of PhDs, MScs and BScs in various disciplines such as GIS, Agriculture, Surveying, Environmental management, social sciences, etc. These skills and experiences make SUNRE unique and strong due to its multidisciplinary approach to natural resources management.

Physical Presence

SUNRE has permanent physical presence in Harare and Gweru, Zimbabwe and a representative in Maputo, Mozambique. However SUNRE can carry out work in every corner of the globe.